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Tactix Training is a unique, quality, and high-end service that aims to develop confidence, self-esteem, fitness, and healthy living habits within its clients. Although we do train mainstream clients, our biggest focus is training people with physical or intellectual disabilities and those with ASD. This is a great passion of ours and something we thrive on, we’re yet to meet someone whose life we can’t improve.

Tactix Training has worked with many different people and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver training to everyone, regardless of situation or disability. 

Our services include:

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training (30 Mins, 45 Mins & 60 Mins)

  • 1 on 1 Self-Defence & Mixed Martial Arts (30 Mins, 45 Mins & 60 Mins)

  • Inclusive Self-Defence Kids Classes (Kids 4-8yo & 9+)

  • Support & Carer Services

  • Kids Mixed Martial Arts & Self-Defence Classes

  • And our Signature 10-week Healthy Habits Mentoring Program

To enquire about any of the above, please contact us here


1 on 1 training with a Tactix Coach is a highly customisable experience, our coaches can work with participants on any goals that they may have in mind. We love variety at Tactix and as such have worked with our clients on a multitude of different goals. Examples of goals we have worked in with our clients include: 


  • Weightloss

  • General strength and conditioning 

  • Powerlifting

  • Self defence and bully proofing

  • Mixed Martial Arts 

  • Striking arts such as kickboxing and boxing

  • Grappling arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling

  • Strength and conditioning for various sports such as soccer, Rugby etc

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Sessions with our MMA coaches are both fun and safe, they cater specifically to their client's goals and are aware that some clients may acclimatize to the sport of MMA faster than others.


Whether your goal is to train for fun, train for self-defense, be a competition grappler, or one day fight in the cage, these guys have got you covered.


At Tactix we aim to provide group sporting options for kids with various diagnoses in an accepting, encouraging, and inclusive setting.

This class has been created with the goal in mind of getting kids on the spectrum and with other diagnoses moving correctly in regard to common movement patterns.

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Tactix provides community access options through our health-focused Support Services.

Our support services encompass a wholesome approach to health and fitness and aim to bring a well-rounded and positive experience to our clients' lives. We are dedicated to giving our clients the support they need to create healthy habits and structure, enjoy new and fun activities & experiences, plan & achieve their goals, and create stability & enjoyment in their lives.  


Our 10-Week Healthy Habits Mentoring Program is a 1 on 1 experience that entails two days per week over ten weeks (length of program and shift times can vary depending on goals and funding) and will introduce a variety of positive changes into our clients' lives and leave a lasting impression.

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