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Tactix Kids MMA classes are back on!
Coach Sean is back at the helm for the Tactix Kids MMA classes running out of Alpha MMA. As of Tuesday the 8th of February classes are back on the usual days/times, 4:00pm to 4:45pm for kids aged 4-8 and 4:45pm to 5:30pm for kids aged 9 and above. If you’ve been looking at getting your kids involved in martial arts, now is the time. Classes are capped at 20 participants so please get in touch ASAP to reserve a spot.
What are we teaching: In the our Kids MMA classes participants learn foundational skills in grappling, striking and general Mixed Martial Arts. A huge focus is also paid to teaching respect for others, discipline and team work.
Cost: $225 for 1 class per week and $325 for two classes per week, this includes a Tactix Kids team shirt and ten weeks of training
Location: Tactix Training operates out of Alpha MMA, 3/57 Munibung Rd Cardiff
Contact Info: For more information or to book a spot please contact Coach Sean on 0421604594 or via the Tactix Training Facebook page
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