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Disability-Focused Gym servicing the Hunter, Newcastle & Lake Macquarie since 2015.

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ABOUT tactix training

Tactix Training is a unique, quality and high-end service that aims to develop confidence, self-esteem, fitness and healthy living habits within our clients. Although we do train neurotypical (mainstream) clients, our biggest focus is training people with ASD, ADHD, physical disability or other diagnoses. This is a great passion of ours and something we thrive on, we’re yet to meet someone whose life we can’t improve.

Tactix Training has worked with many different people and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver training to everyone, regardless of situation or disability. We're continually striving to improve and to offer new, high quality health related services to our clients.



Tactix Training aims to deliver quality training options to those in our community who have an intellectual disability, physical disability or any other diagnoses. We pride ourselves on offering health and fitness options to those who have special needs and it’s because of this that our gym programs are highly customisable and tailored to our client’s needs/wants in regards to their training. 


Although Tactix Training is very much known for our gym training, recently we have started to add other health related services such as Support Work into our business to better serve our customers. Be sure to keep an eye out for any new services that we have on offer. 


Our current services include:

  • 1 on 1 Personal Training (30 Mins, 45 Mins & 60 Mins)

  • 1 on 1 Self-Defence & Mixed Martial Arts (30 Mins, 45 Mins & 60 Mins)

  • Inclusive Kid's group programs

  • Kids and teens Mixed Martial Arts classes

  • 1:1 Support Work and Carer services

  • Our Signature 10-week Healthy Habits Mentoring Program

To enquire about any of the above, please complete the contact form below.

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For all enquiries please complete the form below and we'll get back to you.

Newcastle: 1 Denney Street, Broadmeadow NSW 2292

0481 574 097

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